Friday, July 24, 2009


Early morning, wandering through the streets around my hotel, searching for breakfast while everyone else hurries to work.

The mix of buildings feels as complex as the Kanji characters.

Finally found a nice breakfast place. Everyone here wears a suit for work and everyone seems to have black pants and a white shirt. Oh and of course everyone is quiet and reads.

After 8 hours of watching CG animation/effects/visualizations etc... we grabbed a cab to ave dinner.

Restaurant Kurosawa. Owned by Kurosawa's son. Lovely and traditional from the outside as well as from the inside.

Waiting for the food, everything looks so neat. And the food, of course, was unbelievably tasty.

A short drink, or two, before falling into bead and hopefully sleeping through the night without any sudden jetlag caused, middle of the night, wake ups.